Master of Administration : Done!

Personal Thoughts

Université de Sherbrooke As always, I was not really active around for the last few months or even the last year. At least, I had a good reason this time. I was kind of busy writing my essay for the master’s degree.

I began a graduate degree in September 2013 with a specialization in IT governance, audit, and security at Université de Sherbrooke. The program is accredited by ISACA to learn on the seven domains related to the CISA certification. It is a part-time program targeted mainly to professionals who are also working at the same time. It covers specific IT business areas with the following courses:

  • IT Infrastructure
  • Business Continuity and Risk Management
  • IT Audit and Controls
  • Application Acquisition and Implementation
  • Asset Information Security Governance
  • Financial Information System: Audit and Controls
  • IT Law and Ethics
  • IT Project Management
  • IT Governance
  • Organization and IT Management

I obtained a graduate degree in June 2016. After, it was possible to pursue a master’s degree with the same specialization. A short break was required for my well-being to find the right motivation. However, I still wanted to obtain it. I was so close to my final goal. And I only had to complete the equivalent of 5 courses, including my essay redaction. So, I went back in September 2018. I began to write my essay around March 2019 with the following question:

How the offensive and defensive security team could collaborate together to increase the defensive security team efficiency on threat detection within a financial organization?

The subject was related to my daily work at the office. Everything was written in French and the essay was done last November. I also had to do a presentation last January to introduce the results. I will always remember that evening. It was the end of many academic years.

Finally, I am really proud to say that I obtained a Master of Administration (M. Adm.) specialized in IT governance, audit, and security from the Université de Sherbrooke!

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